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The Engineering Project Manager Limited
Turnkey Solutions

Providers of Manufacturer and End-User Solutions

 Our Managers and Engineers have worked on a wide variety of projects within the Transport Industry this enables us to provide solutions in areas such as:

Vehicle maintenance, Vehicle refurbishment

Vehicle modification, Vehicle delivery

The project management service can be worked with the customer or supplied as a complete service taken from conception to conclusion.

Workshop and Fleet Management

 Junior to Senior Management Services Offered

 Again with extensive and current experience this is another area we believe that we can offer exceptional service, we can also offer CPC qualified managers where required.

 The workshop experience ranges from commercial workshops that have two bays up to forty bays dealing with small customers to mass delivery manufacturer workshops with a wide range of mechanical, electrical and body work being undertaken

Fleet management experience ranges from large Logistics multiple customer fleets controlled through a maintenance control centre with in excess of ten thousand pieces of equipment, to bus fleets from one garage to multiple garages with fleets in the hundreds of vehicles.

Selected for you by transport engineering professionals.

We are able to offer support in all areas with professionally qualified engineers, transport trained and fully aware of the day to day needs of a transport operator and the manufacturers that supply the industry. The main areas are in Mechanical, electrical and Body repairs for our mobile engineers.

The Engineers can be supplied from our own employed staff or from our dedicated self-employed data base; all are covered by our insurance and are also covered by our service guarantees unless the customer chooses to engage the self-employed engineer direct.

We are confident that we can offer you the most competitive rates for the best service, saving you money on your contract labour without compromising quality.

Workshop and Fleet Programming

Having worked with and implemented a wide variety of engineering systems, we are ideally placed to provide workshop and fleet programming solutions ratified by V.O.S.A.

Health and Safety, Understanding Individual Business Needs

All businesses have had to adapt to ever increasing awareness and demands of health and Safety, we are able to offer you the support you require with NEBOSH qualified staff who are also members of IOSH the professional body recognised as the standard bearer for Health and Safety.